Best divorce attorney in dubai
best family law attorney in dubai


Hasty decision to divorce or separate can have dire effects, and it seems important to obtain specialized legal advice from an expert and specialized family lawyer in Dubai who leads and directs you to understand the rights and obligations that should be included in the framework of the divorce agreement.

best family lawyers in dubai
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It is a difficult process for everyone (both parties and the children), and even some of those around them.

Understanding this process early on (its implications, ramifications, and responsibilities), and getting ongoing legal advice saves you a lot, and the smallest details may be more important than you expect.

We provide you with appropriate legal and social support to understand this issue.

advocate for family court in dubai
family court advocate in dubai


We, as child support lawyers in Dubai, provide our clients with a comprehensive sight of everything related to the child’s expenses, which some believe are settled or predetermined, while they are subject to many and varied variables and determinants, that may benefit from our great experience in this field, whatever stage you are going through (settlement or litigation).

advocates and legal consultants in dubai
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We are able to represent you in any kind of custody dispute. We draw up elaborate strategies according to the nature and circumstances of each dispute, and we are concerned with the smallest details.

dubai family court lawyer
family court lawyers in dubai


Personal status laws vary around the world. The dispute becomes complex when it comes to the relocation of children outside the UAE, so legal and realistic problems are raised (applicable law, the competent court, alimony, custody, etc.) It seems urgent to resort to an expert who has great history with these types of conflicts.

child custody lawyers in dubai
child support lawyer in dubai


These are disputes that are not as easy as many imagine, and they are one of the most important repercussions of divorce and separation, which are continuous and periodically repeated, and the most dangerous as well, and their continuation in a smooth and easy mechanism is a great challenge for many litigants.